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Vibration conveyors

Our vibration conveyors are used for transport of bulk and wet raw materials. They can be also used for transport of hot materials.

Therefore, they can be used in:
  • mining industry,
  • metallurgical engineering,
  • building industry,
  • power plants,
  • chemical, foodstuff, ceramic, cement etc. industries

Production and assembly of vibration conveyors in PROMUS Katowice

Thanks to the long-term experience of our employees, we are able to ensure the professional advisory related to production and assembly of the vibration conveyors. Customer’s knowledge of the basis of their design facilitates adaptation of designed solution to the needs arising from the type of operation. However, our employees have so extensive knowledge that they will answer any question related to applications and design of the offered systems.

The mentioned conveyor consists of:

1. trough, used to transport materials by force of gravity. It can be opened or closed, with any number of chutes or dumps on the whole length. The conveyed material can be dried, moistened or cooled on it. Chutes or dumps can be controlled manually or automatically. We distinguish the following troughs:

  • straight – divided into longitudinal partitions
  • helical – allowing vertical transport

2. vibrator forcing vibrations of the trough and therefore ensuring smooth transport of materials.
Vibrators used:

  • eccentric – used for long conveyors (up to 30 m) operating at low frequencies (500-1500 rpm)
  • inertial – for driving of conveyors with an average frequency of 1000-2000 vibrations/minute
  • reaction
  • pressure

3. elastic components of support or suspension of the trough. The conveyors can be set both on the foundation and on shock absorbers. It depends on the ground and transported raw materials. The stepped arrangement allows constructing long process lines – adapted to the needs and capabilities of the customer.

Regardless of the type of the business run by the customer, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions. Assembly of selected system is not a problem for us because our employees have extensive experience and will act appropriately for this purpose. All of this causes that the customer will be fully satisfied with their selection and our work.

There are two types of vibration conveyors:

1. with magnetic drive, with a capacity range from 0 to 100%. It can be adjusted in fine or coarse-grain flow mode. Use of magnetic drive causes that it is impossible to add material during operation of the conveyor. Maximum length is 2500 mm and ensures optimum operation. This type of the conveyors can be opened, closed or tubular;

2. with unbalanced drive – capacity ranges from 30 to 100%. It has stepless control using the device with adjustable frequency. They can be opened, closed or tubular. Therefore, we are able to help our customers in the selection of the appropriate conveyor considering the given business activity. We will design selected solution, assemble it in the designated location and conduct service of the equipment if necessary.

Vibration conveyors offer many advantages. The most important of which are:

  • quiet and smooth operation
  • easy automation process
  • low power consumption
  • option to transport different materials at the same time
  • easy assembly
  • low dimensions
  • low failure-frequency
  • continuous or intermittent operation

All this makes that conveyors offered by PROMUS Katowice distinguish with a robust design, which ensures safe and effective application in the operations selected by the customer.

We also encourage you to view our full offer related to assembly of the given vibration conveyor. We are characterized by full engagement and individual approach to the customer. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with all information. We are eager to take various, even the most demanding, challenges in various types of industry.

We invite you to explore the projects implemented by our company in Poland in the other parts of Europe. Maybe one of them will be an inspiration for further operations.

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