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Stacker is used mainly in various types of warehouses and production floors. It allows quick and almost service-free stacking or distributing loads in a safe and accurate way. Stacker eliminates human participation in the whole process therefore it not only automates the work but also accelerates it, limits costs and improves safety. Stacker is strictly connected with the conveyors: roller, chain or panel conveyors. These conveyors deliver or receive a load from a stacker.

Why invest in the stacker?

In the majority of manufacturing facilities and warehouse stacking is executed by a forklift. However, forklift movement cannot always guarantee correct stacking of pallets on each other. It often happens that load from top-level fall and gets damaged and this generates extra costs. Pellet stacker allows extremely precise stacking of loads and elimination of errors, which cannot be eliminated in case of human.

Furthermore, using the stacker it is possible to limit the production costs. Stacker may operate 24 hours/day, does not need holidays, do not have sick leaves and operates with the same efficiency whole time.

In PROMUS Katowice we can design and construct a pellet stacker ideally adapted to the customer’s needs. Price assessment and execution dates are agreed on a case by case basis depending on scope of the works. Regardless of the type of constructed machinery our customers are provided with post-warranty service in case of any problems related to the equipment.

Below you will find fully automatic stacker for pallets with a load.
Parameters of presented equipment:

  • option to stack two or more pallets,
  • the height of stacked pallets selected according to the demands,
  • stacker lifting capacity up to 1200 kg,
  • stacker duty cycle approx. 70 sec.

We also encourage you to view our full offer and feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail in case of any questions. Our specialists will provide you with all information and will help in making a decision.

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