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Rotary tables

Rotary tables  are devices used to change the direction of transport and allowing to install additional equipment – roller conveyor or chain conveyor. In PROMUS Katowice we design and construct rotary tables according to strict rules. All that to ensure many years of failure-free operation.

Characteristic features of our rotary tables:

  • precisely designed and executed transmission system – ensures that table is accurately positioned,
  • superior quality bearings – ensures that mechanical system has adequate rigidity and the table is able to transfer high loads,
  • durable and wear resistant design guarantee trouble-free operation of the table even after many years,
  • high efficiency and option of very precise adaptation to the type of load,
  • silent operation and maintenance limited to the minimum.

Rotary tables – the principle of operation

Table rotation is implemented by mobile wheel or by a rack-and-pinion. Type of mechanism is always agreed with the customer. Correctly operating rotary table improves work productivity in the company and facilitates implementation of tasks connected with the operation.

Each project is always discussed with the customer in the details. Correct selection of transmission system is very important in this case. All detailed table parameters are also important. During construction of the rotary tables, we pay attention mainly to their practical application in the customer’s company therefore we approach each order on an individual basis both with respect to construction and price appraisal.

Rotary tables manufactured in PROMUS Katowice are a warranty of the highest standard and full satisfaction. We use only high-quality materials and modern machinery allows to control each stage of table production. A comprehensive post-warranty service is also a huge advantage of cooperation with us.

We also encourage you to view our full offer and feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail in case of any questions. Our specialists will provide you with all information and will help in making a decision.

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