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Lift tables

Lift tables are very versatile designs. They allow, among others, to install additional equipment e.g. roller conveyor or chain conveyor depending on the type of transported load. Thus the height of transport can be changed depending on executed operations. They can be used as tables for execution of various operations e.g. assembly of components in the given transported equipment.

Lift tables – types and mechanisms

Lifting mechanism used in such type of tables can be mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic depending on types of utilities available in the location of installation.

  • Hydraulic lift tables – equipped with a special piston located in the cylindrical body. This piston moves in the body and allows to lift the table.
  • Mechanical lift tables – this type of tables utilizes an eccentric mechanism for manual or automatic lifting.
  • Pneumatic lift tables – such tables allows lifting due to the conversion of compressed air energy to mechanical energy. Lifting is implemented by special cushions.

In the course of implementation of projects for our customers, we focus mainly on high efficiency of the offered solutions. Such efficiency ensures satisfaction with cooperation with our company. We guarantee that the project will be prepared by a team of experienced professionals and the ordered lift tables will meet all the requirements and will perfectly support operations of the customer. If you require detailed information, please contact our customer service by phone or e-mail.

Cooperation with us within the scope of production of lift tables means:

  • competitive prices and exercise dates tailored to the expectations,
  • the best construction materials,
  • professional assistance and service both during implementation and after completion of the project,
  • warranty and post-warranty service for each ordered table,
  • option to manufacture any solution strictly adapted to characteristics of the company and location of operation.
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