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Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors

We would like to provide our Customers with high-quality roller transporters, also referred to as roller conveyors. This system is used for conveying of solid loads and the load is moved on parallel rollers.


Roller conveyors are widely used in processes and internal transport systems, improving productivity, comfort and safety of operation. It means that roller conveyors are a group of transporters with the widest area of application in all branches of the industry.

Conveyor structures usually are made of aluminium or steel. Conveyor rollers are usually made of plastics, steel, aluminium or PVC. The offered roller conveyors characterize with a robust structure designed using the best materials ensuring high resistance to loads and ensures long-term durability.

Load transport on roller conveyors

Roller conveyors used in the industries requiring quick and easy transportation of heavy or large components. Roller conveyor can be used alone or as a part of the production line. Roller conveyors transport the loads having a compact design. It includes containers, cardboard boxes, boxes, pallets, crates or individual items like: boards, accumulators, books etc. The transported load should have relatively flat bottom to avoid jamming between rollers. The load is moved on rollers located in parallel driven by chains or toothed belts. These conveyors can be also cumulative, buffering the load before the operation on the line or collection of the load for further processing.

Design of roller conveyor

Roller conveyor consists of two parallel sideboards with the rollers installed perpendicular to them. The sideboards are connected using rollers. It is possible to use also additional crossbars. Sideboards with rollers are usually located on the supports. Modular design allows designing whole systems of the roller conveyors with various dimensions and shapes. This type of conveying system allows simple assembly and disassembly of the individual rollers. At the same time, there is no need to disassemble whole structure. Therefore, it is possible to upgrade the conveying system very quickly. Furthermore, side profiles of the conveyor allow to connect them easily with the support structure. It should be also noted that the roller conveyor can be equipped with additional components such as: pneumatic interlocks, backgauges or side rails. The conveyors are equipped with various types of control systems, depending on the machinery used in the system. It can be instrumentation limited only to the cabinet as well as developed central control systems.

Features of the roller conveyors

Basic technical specifications of the roller conveyors:

  • length (distance between the ends),
  • width (distance between sideboards),
  • the outer diameter of rollers,
  • and rollers pitch (distance between the axis of adjacent rollers).

Apart from that, two key parameters can be distinguished: load capacity and productivity:

  1. load capacity depends on the installed rollers, including their length and density of deployment. The following roller conveyors can be distinguished considering this parameter: roller conveyor with load capacity starting from few kg when the rollers are made of PP and conveying systems with a load capacity reaching even several tons;
  2. productivity specifies the linear speed of transported loads. Depending on type of conveyor system it is possible to change the speed, for example using safety barriers. In addition, the roller conveyors with the option to change the speed are available.

Roller conveyors offered by PROMUS Katowice

Our conveyors are characterized by the highest quality. Thanks to experience gained and the most modern technical solutions, we adapt them to expectations of our customers and individual needs of the design.

Advantages of the roller conveyors:

  • high payload,
  • robust design,
  • quick assembly and upgrading option,
  • execution according to the specific requirements.

The range of our services includes both designing, production and assembly of the roller conveyors.

We try to ensure that each stage of our works meets the demands of the customers. Considering full satisfaction of the purchasers, we provide also services connected with the warranty and post-warranty service for our products. We also encourage you to view a catalogue of our projects and developments and feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

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