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Industrial lifts

PROMUS Katowice offers comprehensive services within the scope of construction, design, assembly and service of the industrial lifts.

Industrial lifts are lifting appliances, where transport is ensured by a platform moving on guides in the vertical plane. This type of equipment is used in many types of manufacturing facilities. It can be also found in, among others, warehouses, factories, shops and production floors.

Type of industrial lifts

We manufacture industrial lifts:

  • with electrical drives connected with inverters,
  • equipped with positioning systems – starting with the conventional proximity sensor, through code rails positioning level up to 1 mm accuracy, to the laser distance measurement system,
  • two- or four-column – depending on weight of the load and method and location of installation,
  • with drive system located wherever on the columns.

Each lift constructed in PROMUS Katowice has parameters strictly adapted to the customer requirements, type of transported goods and type of location where it is to be installed.

Industrial lifts – the principle of operation

Industrial lifts installed in the transport system not only facilitates operation and logistics but also are an integral part of the transport lines.

The lifts are used to transport loads inside the shaft or outside the structures (depending on the customer requirements and characteristics of the place of installation). Each equipment is surrounded by a fence preventing interference in operation when it is activated. Furthermore, the opening of the doors of mentioned fence results in the immediate stop of the lift. Industrial lift platform is equipped with an interlocking mechanism protecting the platform against change of position during loading or unloading thus eliminating elongation pf lift strands (belts of chains). The lifting mechanism for the industrial lifts is fully open. Service personnel may inspect and verify the condition of the equipment at any time and make a repair if necessary.

Our equipment has removable beams allowing servicing and replacing the drive components located at the top of the lift is easy and trouble-free.

We also encourage you to view our full offer and feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail in case of any questions. Our specialists will provide you with all information and will help in making a decision.

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