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Helical conveyors

We specialize in designing, production and assembly of transport equipment having a broad scope of application in various branches of industry and processing.

Using long-term practice, knowledge and the state-of-the-art process solutions we create high-performance helical conveyors also known as screw conveyors. They are relatively simple machines, very easy in operation, highly functional and useful in many applications. This equipment is used for transport of loose materials (cement, pellet, fine coal and pea coal etc.), moist and agglomerated over short distances. They are used in the industrial plants and mines. They are widely used in agriculture. They are used, among others, for the administration of feed, and unloading and loading of crops. The helical conveyor is ideal for filling of the silo, unloading of trailers and transferring of piles. The helical conveyor can be used alone as well as a part of the production or storage line.

Helical conveyor uses mobile screw installed inside the trough for transport of a load, therefore it is called a screw conveyor. The conveyor can be equipped with a heating strip depending on the transported material. Helical conveyors manufactured by PROMUS Katowice are equipment with optimum power ensuring the capacity of the equipment meeting all demands. A well-thought-out design offers stability and manoeuvrability of the conveyor. The offered helical conveyor distinguishes with a robust design based on high-quality materials, what ensures high strength and long-term durability. Helical conveyors have good resistance to vibrations during operation and impact of external factors. Therefore, it operates accurately even in the difficult conditions.

Helical conveyors are available in various designs depending on the length of the conveyor. The capacity of helical conveyor depends mainly on operation angle and diameter of the equipment (various diameters of helical conveyors are available). The offer includes also various types of motors. A mobile base is a competitive advantage of the helical conveyor (optimal but very often used solution). It is usually equipped with two or four wheels, depending on the size of the conveyor. Mobile base ensures mobility and allows free movement of the equipment what allows loading and unloading of the material in any location.

Thanks to simple design the helical conveyors are very reliable what ensure continuity of operation and easy maintenance. It is worth to check the condition of bearings to ensure long-term operation of the helical conveyor because these components are most often subject to wear. Please also remember that mechanical damages, which can occur because of fall, pose a risk for correct operation of the helical conveyors. In such cases, usually extension components will be damaged but you can replace them easily and restore full operation of the conveyor.

Type of helical conveyors

Basic four types of helical conveyors can be distinguished depending on the most frequent applications:
  • helical conveyors for transport of feed or crop,
  • helical conveyors for silo loading,
  • batching conveyors,
  • in-process transport conveyors.

With respect to design also trough helical conveyors can be distinguished which are used for transportation of sludge, granules or bituminous mastics. In case of trough helical conveyors, the casing is U-shaped and has screw-on covers. This type of helical conveyors is the best solution for areas where large items may jam during conveyor’s operation or it is necessary to conduct frequent cleaning. In addition, tubular conveyors with a tubular-shaped design with a screw rotating inside are available. Considering design this equipment characterized by better leak-tightness and can be used as separators for process lines areas where explosive atmospheres are present. Helical conveyors with a low diameter of the housing operate as dosing stations for microcomponents.

Design of helical conveyors

To ensure satisfaction of the customers each helical conveyor designed by our experts is adapted to the requirements of the given project on a case-by-case basis. We offer professional advisory trying to select the most modern solutions for each type of transport operations.

Working with the best machinery and materials, we are able to deliver helical conveyors meeting even the highest standards. The services offered by our company are comprehensive. We offer design, execution and assembly of the conveyors as well as warranty and post-warranty service for our products.

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