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Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending (workshop services) We offer the bending of aluminium and steel plates including stainless steel. The working beam and the use of the appropriate tools shall allow the bending of the plates of a maximum length of 3500 mm, of a thickness of up to 12 mm according to geometric requirements. 

We bend the sheets using the highest-class edge press in compliance with all the security rules. Sheet metal bending is performed with the usage of a hydraulic edge press, Safan Darley H-brake 230T, operating in CNC technology.

The use of sheet-metal brake with precise regulated pressure power allows the service to be performed strictly according to the customer’s recommendations. The press we use guarantees shape repetition and high dimensional tolerances. We use advanced computer programmes that allow the highest quality of the elements.

Why is it worth using our sheet metal bending service?

  • With years of successful experience in the field, we are able to guarantee high quality service and perfect parameters of the components produced.
  • Our advisors are happy to help at every stage of cooperation
  • We are able to offer competitive prices thanks to our modern technology facility
  • We pay huge attention to accuracy. We always perform the sheet metal bending exactly as the customer says, while controlling the quality of the elements that are being created.
  • We are able to take up even very unusual orders and ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the results of our work.

You are also invited to contact us in case of smaller orders. Detailed information concerning the costs and time limits are provided by the staff of our service office.

All of our actions are supported by a rich technical facility.

Bending brake machine SAFAN Type 225-3600 CNCL numerically controlled CNC
Treatment parameters:
max length of the bending line
3600 mm
max distance between the bending lines
800 mm
Safan Darley H-brake 230T
Treatment parameters:
max length of the bending line
3600 mm
the pressing force
230 T
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Why Promus Katowice?
brak przestojów
No downtime at work
niska awaryjność 2
Low failure rate
niskie koszty eksploatacji 2
Low running costs
dodatkowa kontrola
Extra control
wysokie bezpieczeństwo
High security
możliwość zintegrowania linii transportowej z systemem wymiany danych
Possibility of integrating the transport line with the data exchange system
ekologia, dzięki wykorzystaniu motoreduktorów w najwyższej klasie energooszczędności
Ecology, thanks to the use of gearmotors in the highest energy efficiency class
opieka biura konstrukcyjnego w czasie całego okresu pracy maszyny 2
Care of the design office during the entire period of machine operation
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