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Laser cut

At Promus Katowice we provide laser cutting services of low-alloy steel, high-alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminium plates. The laser cut is a proces which allows a quick cut-out of complicated elements in ensuring the highest quality of cutting and the precision of performance. 

We have the Mazak Super Turbo – X 510 Mark III laser with a power of 4kW that allows us to cut metal sheets with dimensions 3050x1525 mm.

Maximum cutting thickness:

- carbon and low-alloy steel – up to 20 mm

- stainless steel – up to 15 mm

- aluminium – up to 12 mm

The cut quality depends on the chemical composition of the material and the degree of complicating the component.

We cut details of both own material and the one provided by our customers.

Advantages of laser cuttting: the laser cut is a very efficient method and allows to achieve very good effects.

The most important advantages of laser cutting are:

  • the possibility of working a variety of materials
  • the highest quality of the treatment
  • the laser cutting guarantees high accuracy and quality of the manufactured elements
  • saving the material – laser cuts minimise the loss of the material, which is the result of a narrow cut
  • short lead time – the laser-based cut allows us to cut at high speeds while we are at the highest quality
  • the possibility of performing the cuts based on drawings provided in different formats. The customer can deliver their drawings in the formats of dwg and dxf, both made in the CAD type design programmes.

The great advantage of laser cutting machines is that they are also able to do other tasks, such as: marking for the identification of the material or adding central cutting points.

What does the laser cutting consist in?

We cut the materials with a laser radiation beam that is consistent in time and space. Such a beam allows energy to focus in a specific place thus a very precise intersection of the surface. The laser cutting can be performed by melting and blowing the material, evaporation, burning or creating technical fractures.

All of our actions are supported by a rich technical facility.
Laser cutter TruLaser 3530
Treatment parameters:
max length of the material
3000 mm
max width of the material
1500 mm
max height of the material
20 mm
Mazak Super Turbo - X 510 Mark III
Treatment parameters:
max length of the material
3000 mm
max width of the material
1500 mm
max height of the material
25 mm
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Why Promus Katowice?
brak przestojów
No downtime at work
niska awaryjność 2
Low failure rate
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Low running costs
dodatkowa kontrola
Extra control
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High security
możliwość zintegrowania linii transportowej z systemem wymiany danych
Possibility of integrating the transport line with the data exchange system
ekologia, dzięki wykorzystaniu motoreduktorów w najwyższej klasie energooszczędności
Ecology, thanks to the use of gearmotors in the highest energy efficiency class
opieka biura konstrukcyjnego w czasie całego okresu pracy maszyny 2
Care of the design office during the entire period of machine operation
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