Powder paint shop

We offer a professional powder coating service for all kinds of metal objects.

Powder varnishing at Promus Katowice

We offer a professional powder coating service for all kinds of metal objects. We varnish small and large-size elements. It is the most effective and durable method of metal coating. Using powder paints, we obtain smooth surfaces with high resistance to chemical and mechanical factors. We obtain greater resistance to abrasion than in the case of solvent paints. The powder paint shop is also more ecological due to the very low emission of harmful substances into the environment. The painting process takes place in a closed, specially adapted chamber, and no harmful solvents are used in the painting process.

Each powder coating process requires proper surface preparation. The Promus Katowice powder coating plant uses an automatic chamber washer in which two processes are performed: degreasing and rinsing. Next, the element is painted in a powder booth using the electrostatic method. The painted element is transferred to the drying oven, where it is subjected to the process of melting (hardening) the resin. The polymerization of the applied paint takes place at a temperature of 160°C – 230°C. Our furnace allows you to paint large elements with maximum dimensions: 750 x 100 x 150 cm.

Maximum possible workpiece weight: 750 kg

We paint using the best paints available on the market in a wide range of RAL colors in a matte, satin and high gloss finish. Our offer also includes varnishing with the use of special effects (fine and coarse structures and metallic effects). The powder paints we use are characterized by high durability and uniformity. They are also resistant to moisture and sunlight.

Powder-coated elements are perfectly protected against corrosion factors, as well as obtain excellent aesthetic values.

Powder varnishing and our assets

Our powder varnishing does not affect the environment. All painting by-products are transferred to specialised companies for their disposal.


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Evolving technologies and changing requirements for the parameters of manufactured structural elements drive us to continually upgrade our technical infrastructure with the latest equipment. High-quality machines enable us to achieve perfect results in production. This, in turn, translates into the high quality and durability of the devices we manufacture.

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