Metal constructions

We provide static calculations, design, manufacture and assembly of intra-site construction and construction stracture.

Metal constructions offer

Supporting steel structures

Supporting steel structures are construction systems made of steel that provide stability and load-bearing capacity to buildings and other engineering objects. Due to its strength and flexibility, steel is often used in construction, especially where long spans or high load resistance is required. Supporting steel structures are utilized in multi-story buildings, bridges, towers, or industrial halls.

Service platforms

Service platforms are special platforms or structures designed to provide access and support for workers when performing tasks at heights. They allow for a safe and stable working position in challenging locations, such as building facades, machinery, or industrial structures. They contribute to enhancing workplace safety, enabling efficient and comfortable task execution at heights without the risk of falls.

Stainless steel constructions

Stainless steel constructions are structural systems made from this specific type of steel, known for its corrosion resistance and durability against atmospheric factors. Stainless steel is often used in places where a long lifespan, aesthetics, and resistance to aggressive environments are necessary, such as in the food industry, chemical industry, or urban architecture. Benefits of using stainless steel include its durability, low maintenance costs, aesthetic appearance, and the ability to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in demanding environments.


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The evolving technologies and requirements for the parameters of manufactured structural elements drive us to continually upgrade our technical infrastructure with the latest equipment. High-quality machines enable us to achieve perfect results in production, translating into the high quality and durability of the devices we manufacture.

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