Complete transport systems

Promus Katowice Sp z o.o. operates in various industrial sectors, providing comprehensive services in the design, production, and assembly of equipment for technological and in-house transport. We tailor our transport systems based on the individual needs of our clients.

Complete transport systems offer

Intralogistics systems

Intralogistics systems, also known as in-house transportation systems, are integrated solutions designed to manage the flow of materials within a manufacturing facility or warehouse. They rely on technologies such as roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, autonomous carts, industrial lifts, self-loading trailers, and automated transfer stations. Their goal is to optimize and automate warehouse processes and internal transportation, ensuring speed and precision in operations.


Raw board transport system

The project by Promus Katowice Sp.z o.o. aimed to introduce automation into the material transport process within the manufacturing company. The primary objectives were to enhance efficiency, reduce processing time, and minimize the risk of material damage.

Transportation in manufacturing processes

Optimized transportation within the framework of automation ensures fast, punctual, and secure flow of goods, contributing to increased efficiency throughout the entire supply chain.


Automotive components transport system

The goal of the project was to develop an efficient transport system for automotive components from the main production line to the supplementary assembly line and back to the production line, ensuring continuity in a three-shift system.

Belt conveyor systems

Belt conveyors are transportation machines consisting of two or more drums between which moving belts are stretched. They are used to move loads, such as raw materials, products, or waste, from one place to another in various industrial sectors. They are effective means of automating transportation processes, especially where a continuous flow of materials over long distances is required.

Screw conveyor systems

Screw conveyors are transportation devices consisting of closed tubes or troughs with screws inside that rotate around their own axes. They are used to move bulk materials, such as grains, powders, or granules, along the axis of the screw. They are often employed in industries like food, chemical, or construction, where precise and safe conveying of bulk materials is necessary.

Automatic trailer loading systems

An automatic loading system is a device that collaborates with vehicles equipped with conveyors for transporting loads with similar parameters. It is often used for transporting material between the production hall and the finished goods warehouse, especially when there is a significant distance between both locations. This system enhances the efficiency and automation of the loading and transportation process.

Trailers for self-loading and unloading

Trailers for self-loading and unloading significantly accelerate logistic processes, reduce the need for manual intervention by workers, and decrease the risk of errors during cargo handling.


Inductively powered electric conveyors in heavy-duty trucks

Benefits of Implementation:
– Accelerated loading and unloading
– Unattended operation
– Insensitivity of the installation to weather conditions

Dosing containers

Dosing containers are devices designed for the storage and dispensing of specific quantities of materials, often in granular or liquid form. They enable precise and controlled feeding of raw materials into production processes, ensuring constant quality and consistency of products. Widely used in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or cosmetic, where dosing accuracy is crucial for the quality of end products.


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