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Implementation details
Year built
Promus Katowice Sp. z o.o.
Name of the transport line
Automatic one-way line of self-propelled cart packets and the raw plate transport line
Product transported
Packages of laminated plates before refining and raw plates before laminating
Time to implement
2 months
Reduction of operating costs
Limitation of forklift trucks use in the production zone, while maintaining the possibility of driving wheels
Guarantee of the continuity of the production proces 24/7
Improvement of lamination quality with concurrent reduction of plastic consumption
Guarantee of the cooperation between the line and the forklift trucks
Collection of the product from 6 independent production lines and 2 loading stations
Posiibility of serving packages of various heights and weights
Transport of packages with maximum weight up to 12 T
Integration of the system without having to stop production at the factory
Meeting technical and business expectations
The use of autonomous rail structures that transport low stacks of panels
Communication system between all production lines and the foiling line
An intelligent management system that takes into account priorities and buffer filling of various production lines and loading stations
The use of a modern wrapping machine with a pre-stretch function during wrapping
The use of conveyors with pockets, ensuring the possibility of cooperation of the system with forklifts
Employment reduction in this part of the factory
Limiting the number of forklift trucks and their operators
Reducing exhaust emissions from forklift trucks
Increase of the workshop security
50% reduction in the amount of foil used
Simple service not required to create a seperate job position for this line
Line accessibility 99,5%
Why Promus Katowice?
No downtime at work
Low failure rate
Low running costs
Extra control
High security
Possibility of integrating the transport line with the data exchange system
Ecology, thanks to the use of gearmotors in the highest energy efficiency class
Care of the design office during the entire period of machine operation
Company headquarters:
PROMUS Katowice Sp. z o.o.
ul. Społeczna 8A
PL 41-214 Sosnowiec
+48 32 70 69 500+48 32 25 10
Company department:
PROMUS Katowice
organizačni slożka
ul. Průmyslova 830
CZ 293-06 Kosmonosy
+420 326 711
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