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Our offer includes different types of conveyors and feeders, among others:

  • roller conveyor – used for transport of solid loads with a compact design. The load is moved on parallel rollers;
  • belt conveyor – this type of the conveyor is usually used in various types of warehouses, coal mines or construction sites, where it is used to transfer loose materials such as sand or gravel;
  • helical conveyor – used for transport of loose materials. In this case the load is moved by a mobile screw installed inside the trough.
  • chain conveyor – usually used for transport of both large and small components. The load is transported using chain strings, driven by a motoreducer through the intermediate drive shaft. Such solution allows to maintain constant speed of the strings. Loads suspended on support rail or loads placed on wheeled carriages are transported using chain conveyor with a chain with metric or inch pitch. Weight of transported components varies – from several kilograms (vehicle suspension components) to several tons (vehicle chassis assembly lines);
  • bucket conveyor – one of the specific solutions used in the transport of loose materials and small components resistant to mechanical damages. It is usually used in technological processes, e.g. for filling of tanks or as an inter-process feeder.
  • plate and slat conveyors – used mainly for transport of loose loads, characterizing with various grain sizes. They are also used for transportation of alternative fuels and materials with high temperatures. They are intended also for transport of steel scrap.
  • vibration conveyor – such solution is often used in the vegetable and fruits processing industry. The load is transported in through using inertia forces. It ensures uniform arrangement of the product necessary for the specific processes.

In case of any further questions concerning conveyors, feel free to contact us.

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