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Chain conveyors

Application and features of the chain conveyor

Chain conveyors are equipment used for transport of loads with different weight and dimensions. They are widely used in the automotive and other branches of the industry and in storage spaces. They are mainly used for transportation of pallets, placed perpendicularly to the given movement direction, and containers, tanks, crates and other types of components with large and small dimensions. Chain conveyor is equipped with chain tendons driven by a motoreducer using, among others, drive shaft. Products are transported on the mentioned tendons depending on the actual needs there are several tendons (usually 2-5).

Parameters of offered chain conveyors are adapted to the type of planned works and weight of transported materials. Depending on the given needs of our customers, we offer chain conveyors of various lengths. Bearing in mind the highest satisfaction of our customers we recommend also a silent-running version of the transporter using rubber-coated chain in the suspended version of the Power & Free system. All transport systems offered by PROMUS Katowice are covered under warranty and post-warranty service because we provide maintenance services also after the warranty period.

Design of chain conveyors

Chain conveyor is used for conveying of loads with various dimensions: from small (compressor body) to huge (whole vehicle) Loads are moved by transport chain driven by a driving station with motoreducer. Chain tension station ensures correct operation of whole equipment (Power&Free system).

This type of equipment characterizes with simple support structure placed on the supports allowing adjusting height of the conveyor. These supports can have lifted vibration-damping base and the structure is usually made of stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

Chain conveyor with a chain with an inch or metric pitch is intended for the transport of loads suspended on carrying rail (Power&Free) or the loads located on wheel carriages – then the chain is located in a special tray in the flooring. It is also possible to transport the load suspended directly on the chain.

The weight of transported components varies – from several kilograms (vehicle suspension components) to several tons (vehicle chassis assembly lines). They are used for transportation of single loads and complete heavy units with various dimensions. These conveyors are often used for transportation of pallets along shorter side. The drive of transport chain is ensured by external gearbox and chain wheel installed on drive station of the whole system. Conveyor lengths depend on customer needs and specification of the production or assembly line. Transport chains can be also used in a silent-running version with rubber-coated chain (Power & Free).

Advantages of the roller conveyors

The most important advantages of our chain conveyors include an option to use them for crosswise take transported items out of roller conveyor, transport of many types of loads and loads with various bases and at a slight angle. Characteristic features of the offered transporters include also high reliability, stability, durability, silent operation, resistance to contaminations, easy maintenance and low maintenance and operation costs.

A wide range of conveyors

We kindly invite you to look at wide range of chain conveyors. In case of further questions we are available by either phone or email. Our specialists will be happy to provide you with all information and will help you in making the decision and selecting the most suitable equipment with respect to the requirements and type of operation.

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