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Bucket conveyors

High-quality bucket conveyors

We offer reliable products made of high-quality materials. Within the scope of the cooperation, we ensure also professional advisory and reliable preparation of a complete system of bucket conveyors adapting its type to the individual needs of your project. All components constructed by our specialists meet the highest quality standards.

Application of the bucket conveyor

For customers needing transport system for loose materials we offer bucket conveyor systems. This equipment is suitable also for transport of small components resistant to mechanical damages. Bucket conveyor is successfully applied to technological processes where it is used as an inter-process conveyor or used for filling the tanks.

This type of conveyors is used in the food, chemical, wood, extractive and agricultural industry. Usually they are used in technological processes for filling of tanks or silos. They are frequently used for transport of crop, feed, flour, maize, agglomerates, fine coal and another type of excavated material, granules, artificial fertilizers, sugar or salt. Bucket conveyor due to its flexibility is an irreplaceable solution in many industries. This equipment is very useful in, among others, large and small crop purchasing centres, fodder stores, aggregate production plants, breweries, sugar factories etc.

The main component of our bucket conveyors is tight and durable bucket intended for conveying of loose materials and products to the higher levels. They characterize also with easy adjustment and tensioning of the belt and high leak-tightness. It is important that a risk of damage to the transported material by bucket conveyor e.g. crops or aggregates is very low.

Advantages of the bucket conveyors

Each bucket conveyor offered by our company is made of the highest-quality materials, ensuring reliability and trouble-free operation for a long time. The high quality of materials and semi-finished products used as well as execution accuracy of our bucket conveyors ensures safety, comfort and efficiency of operation, reduction of material damages and – therefore – lower operating costs. They are characterized also by low demands for working area, low power consumption and required efforts (with respect to the other type of equipment used for conveying and transport of products). An important advantage of the conveyors is an option to create comprehensive mechanization of transport.

Our equipment is uniquely simple in operation and cleaning. They hold all certificates approving them for operation and fulfil the requirements of applicable regulations and standards.

The above-mentioned features and advantages prove that each bucket conveyor executed by our Company will be very useful as a loading equipment in various factories and plants, considerably supporting and facilitating operation as well as reducing operating costs.

Customised selection of equipment

We adapt to size and shape of the container to transported material and the individual requirements of the transport process during designing the bucket conveyors. Our equipment can convey various types of materials up to several dozen meters.

Depending on the customer demands we offer bucket conveyors with various lifting heights, capacities, movement speed and performance, that is the capability to move the given volume in the given unit of time.

A wide product offer

Our long-term experience in designing of bucket conveyors, professional knowledge and individual approach to each order translates into high quality of our products and still growing base of loyal customers.

We encourage you to learn about our offer. If you have questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Our specialists will eagerly provide you additional information related to bucket conveyor systems. Taking care of your convenience and satisfaction, we offer comprehensive support including advisory and professional service of the equipment: both warranty and post-warranty service.

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